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Chicks On Trampolines

Help the farmer’s daughter and save all the chicks! Dangers abound (pun) on this farm, and the Farmer’s Daughter seems to find them all. The more you help her save, the more you will have to finish the next level. Click a green arrow next to the unlocked level you would like to play.
Move the mouse (or touch) to slide the trampoline side to side, and bounce the chicks to safety.

When you start the level read the description of the goal, and the number you need to succeed. Behind that window is a set of arrows showing both the start location, and the safe place you are trying to bounce the chicks into.
You will need to save the number listed at the top center of the screen to unlock the next level. If you get the number listed as the bonus, you will have the total you saved, plus another 5 chicks to play with in the next level. If you need more chicks to finish a level, you will have to go back and play a previous level to try and get more.
Be ready, the farmer’s daughter is impatient, and will toss the next chick as soon as the last one is safe, or no longer our concern.

Level 5 is unlocked for easier contest evaluation, but doesn’t have enough Chicks to complete it. You will have play through level 4 for more.

Programming and Graphics by Brian Kissinger
based on the rubber band concept by R0J0Hound
Programming environment Construct2 by Scirra.com
Music by Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech.com
Farmer’s Daughter Voice by Sydney Kissinger
Beta-testing by Eric Derringe

Chicks On Trampolines Screen Shots

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